Enjoy an authentic experience

Live a friendly experience in Mauricio´s house. Get a firsthand knowledge of grilling different cuts of meat, learn to set the fire at the local way, to choose the meat, to prepare our traditional sauce “Chimichurri”, how to salt and cook this delicious meat and vegetables on the grill, taste different 

regional appetizers meanwhile the coals are ready to grill our “Asado”, and of course you will try excellent Malbec wines of Mendoza.


The minimum to take the class is 2 participants


We will set up a proper fire for the grill; this fire is made of 100% regional wood (leña) no charcoal, no electricity, no gas.


Transportation from the hotel (Only if you are in the City Area) the Return is by taxi on your own. The Activity is in my house and the Class last between 3 and 4 hours.


It’s a Hands-on Class, so everybody participate in all the process

What are you going to learn?

Lesson of how to set a traditional fire of special wood to grill and how to prepare the grill for it use. You will also learn to determine when the fire is ready to start cooking and how to distribute the red coals (brasas) under the grill for an evenly heat and equal cooking time for the different cuts and vegetables. You will know my way of salting meat . Which vegetables can be grilled and which are to be roast directly on the coals. We will make chimichurri and roasted vegetable salad. We will do this together so that you can participate in the process and have fun, always accompanied by a glass of Malbec wine.


I will show you different techniques to cook and grill in an open fire.

Lounge or Dinner

With everything prepared in class


Return to the hotel

Are you ready to live the experience?